Logic test: Boost your IQ by deciding which container fills up first!


Welcome to our logic challenge of the day, a riddle that will test your powers of analysis and deduction!

Challenges captivate thousands of curious minds around the world, riding the wave of popularity for visual puzzles.

Today, you’re faced with a series of containers connected by a complex network of pipes, where water is about to flow.

Some of the pipes are maliciously blocked, adding a touch of mystery to the task. Can you identify the first container to fill up? Watch carefully, think hard and put your logical skills to the test!

Logic test: Boost your IQ by finding out which container fills up first!

Take the challenge: Find the container that fills up first!

Look closely at the image in front of you and concentrate on which container fills up first.

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It’s crucial to scrutinize every detail, as traps can easily mislead you. Appearances can be deceiving, and what appears to be the obvious answer at first glance may not be correct.

Before making your decision, check the connections between containers and consider fluid dynamics. Also, use the difficulty slider displayed on the image to assess how complex the challenge is. Good luck, everyone!

The usefulness of logic tests and mathematical puzzles

Solving logic tests and mathematical puzzles is beneficial mental gymnastics. It stimulates the neurons, forges critical thinking and develops reasoning skills.

Although not an absolute measure of intelligence, fluency in these exercises may reflect a high IQ.

However, beyond the intelligence score, regular practice of these intellectual challenges sharpens the cerebral agility needed in everyday life, to solve problems, make informed decisions or understand complex situations.

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Far from being a simple pastime, they prepare the brain to better apprehend reality.

Unraveling the mystery

In short, puzzles of this kind are a resounding success, stimulating inquisitive minds the world over. They are not only entertaining, but also excellent exercises for sharpening the intellect and insight.

Whether you’ve cracked the secret or the answer has eluded you, every riddle is an opportunity to learn and develop new thinking strategies. Feel free to explore more of the similar challenges that await you on the path to expanding your cognitive horizons.

The solution is: 8


Congratulations to those who have successfully decoded the riddle! For those still in search of the right answer, don’t give up.

Practice makes perfect, and there are plenty of other riddles on our site to continue training your brain. The intellectual adventure has just begun!

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