Math riddle: Can you solve this equation in under 25 seconds?


Riddles mathematical puzzles are very thought-provoking. The following one doesn’t necessarily conform to convention: 2 +10=24, 3 +6=27, 7 +2=63.

Now, find the result of 5 +3 in less than 25 seconds. These tests are an effective way of honing your analytical skills. The astonishing complexity of this puzzle encourages you to push back the frontiers of logic. Take this brain test to prove your perceptiveness!

How does the challenge work?

This puzzle will monopolize all your attention. The first equation is: 2 +10=24, 3 +6=27, 7 +2=63.

Based on this hypothesis, will you be able to find the value corresponding to this equation? 5 +3 ?


You’ll need excellent analytical skills and a logical mind to get the right answer.

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Despite its apparent complexity, this test encourages a thorough exploration of arithmetic. It tests the flexibility of your mind and your ability to adopt a different perspective. This mathematical puzzle also invites you to question traditional logic.

What’s the point of solving this riddle?

Brain challenges like this are excellent ways to energize thinking and develop intellectual capacity. They improve mental agility as well as strategic thinking.

Once acquired, these skills help to perfect the way you approach problems. By solving them, you strengthen your cognitive skills and have fun at the same time.

Indeed, these brain games are not just intellectual exercises. They’re also an entertaining way to pass the time. They also offer a temporary escape from reality while stimulating the brain.

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Some useful tips

To unravel this mystery, abandon conventional mathematical thinking. Explore beyond the foundations of basic arithmetic and discover an alternative logic.

One trick to unraveling this puzzle involves observing the relationships between the numbers in each equation. Look for a pattern or connection between the numbers. This iterative process of trial and error may eventually lead to a solution.

Here’s another way to decipher this puzzle: carefully scan the numbers and their interrelationships, identify a pattern or rule in each equation, then apply this logic to the final equation to arrive at the solution. Take an analytical approach, carefully examining the numerical relationships to unravel this intriguing riddle.

The answer

Intellectual challenges play a dual role. They improve cognitive performance while providing cerebral entertainment.

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The question is how 2+10=24.

It’s just a way too simple to solve

In fact 2+10=12 and if you multiply the result with the 1st number (2) that’s 12×2=24

Similarly 3+6=9=9×3=27



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Congratulations to those who have managed to decipher this one, and good luck to those who haven’t yet found the answer. Persevere and you’ll win!

The solution to this riddle is shown in the image below.

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