Personality test: Find out if you’re ready for a new era in your life based on your first impression!


Personality tests are intriguing tools that claim to decipher the hidden traits of our character.

Some argue that our visual perception, such as what we see first, may indicate our disposition to change. These psychological assessments continue to arouse curiosity and scepticism.

Personality test: Find out if you're ready for a new era in your life based on your first impression!
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Discover your ability to change : The raised fist

If your gaze was first caught by the image of a raised fistThis could indicate a personality resolutely focused on action and rebellion against the status quo.

You’re probably someone who doesn’t hesitate to take the lead, initiate change and fight for what you believe in.

This tendency to perceive the symbol of rebellion speaks volumes about your readiness to shake up your daily life. You’re looking for the opportunity to put your ideas across, and are ready to overturn any obstacles that stand in your way. Transformation is your driving force, and you seem to have an insatiable thirst for renewal and improvement.

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Are you ready for renewal? The flame speaks volumes

The initial vision of a flame can reveal a passionate being, vibrant with creative energy and the desire for purification. Like the flame that transforms everything in its path, you may be someone who aspires to radical transformationboth personally and professionally.

Your ability to see the flame first suggests that you’re ready to set old patterns ablaze and forge new ones.

This characteristic reveals a burning thirst to live each moment intensely and not to be afraid of playing with the flames of change. Metamorphosis doesn’t scare you; on the contrary, it fuels your inner fire.

Did you know?

René Diatkine (1918-1997) was a French psychiatrist and psychoanalyst renowned for his significant contributions to the field of child and adolescent psychiatry.

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Born in Paris into a family of Russian origin, he distinguished himself through his work on child psychopathology, autism, infantile psychoses and mental retardation.

René Diatkine played a key role in the founding of the French institutional psychotherapy movement. He worked for a better understanding of the interactions between child development and the family and social environment.

In collaboration with the renowned child psychiatrist Françoise Dolto and other eminent professionals, he contributed to the development of fundamental concepts in child psychiatry. His comprehensive vision of children’s mental health has influenced clinical and therapeutic practice in France, making him a key figure in the field.

In addition to his professional achievements, Diatkine was also known for his ability to communicate his complex ideas with clarity and simplicity, making his work accessible to a wider audience than just specialists. In this way, he helped to democratize knowledge of child psychiatry.

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Thank you for taking our little personality test! If the results surprised you or made you smile, that’s already a good sign.

Keep your curiosity alive and join us tomorrow on our website for a new introspective adventure.

Feel free to share with your friends. And remember, these tests are all for fun, and shouldn’t be taken literally! See you tomorrow for more fun!

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