Personality test: Is your mind creative or concrete? It depends on what you see first in the picture


Personality tests are fascinating tools for understanding ourselves better. This one, based on the perception of an image, reveals the orientation of our thinking, whether creative or concrete.

The first thing you discern gives us a clue about your cognitive processes and the way you interact with the world.

Personality test: Is your mind creative or concrete? It all depends on what you see in the 1st image
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What did you see first: the rock reveals your nature

If it’s the rock that captured your initial attention, you embody the essence of the pragmatism and stability. Like a steadfast stone in the midst of a storm, you’re known for your down-to-earth approach to situations.

Your mind is inhabited by the concrete, which makes you exceptionally reliable and methodical. The people around you rely on your clear-sighted judgment, because you value logic and solid facts.

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Your insight is an asset when it comes to solving complex problems, because you build your solutions on a foundation of tangible reality.

Initial discovery of an animal: what it says about you

When a animal is what you first discern, your personality flourishes in a world where theimagination and the creativity reign supreme. You possess the ability to see beyond the veil of the ordinary, finding wonders where others would see only banality.

This penchant for the abstract makes you a natural innovator, a dreamer who dances to the rhythm of your own inner melody.

Your original ideas and divergent thinking are invaluable gifts in artistic fields or those requiring out-of-the-box thinking. You are the breath of inspiration in a world too often rigid and predictable.

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Thank you for exploring the recesses of your mind with today’s fun little test! Don’t forget, tomorrow a new introspective adventure awaits you on our website.

Go on, share this playful moment with your friends and keep in mind that this is all for fun, with no scientific pretensions. See you tomorrow for more discoveries about yourself!

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