Personality test: The secrets of your friendships revealed! How your preferences reveal the dynamics of your social ties.


Personality tests are fascinating tools that offer an insight into our character traits.

By analyzing our choices, they can reveal surprising aspects of our friendships.

Let’s find out what your personal selection says about you and your interactions with friends.

Personality test: The secrets of your friendships revealed! How your preferences reveal the dynamics of your social ties.

Discover yourself through light: What does your attraction to the light bulb say?

When your gaze is immediately captured by a light bulb, it tends to reveal a bright, innovative personality trait.

You’re the kind of person who lights up the room, bringing fresh ideas and enlightened perspectives to your circles of friends.

Your presence is often associated with comfort, warmth and inspiration. In your friendships, you’re the one people turn to for sound advice. or for deep, meaningful conversation.

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Your friends appreciate your ability to see beyond the superficial and bring hidden truths to light.

Brains first: What do your intellectual inclinations reveal about your friendships?

If the first thing you discern is a brain, this suggests that you’re an inherently reflective and analytical person.

In your friendships, you are often perceived as the strategist or the wise one, the one who provides rational perspectives and logical solutions.

You value intelligence and stimulating conversation, making you an indispensable friend for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the world.

However, this inclination may also indicate a tendency to be less emotionally inclined, preferring interactions based on shared interests and intellectually enriching exchanges.

Did you know?

Evelyne Kestembergoften referred to as E. Kestemberg in psychoanalytic literature, was a French psychoanalyst of Polish origin who left her mark on her field through her theoretical and clinical contributions.

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She was born in 1918 and died in 1989. A highlight of her career: Evelyne Kestemberg was particularly renowned for her work on borderline states, those personality organizations intermediate between neuroses and psychoses. She helped refine the clinical and therapeutic understanding of these states, which corresponded neither to classic neurotic structures nor to established psychotic disorders, and had a major impact on psychoanalytic practice and theory.

Anecdote related to her work: Evelyne Kestemberg is said to have had a very human and empathetic approach to her patients, which enabled her to establish deep therapeutic bonds favoring the emergence of unconscious material in her analysands.

Her ability to understand the subtleties of borderline states came not only from her theoretical expertise, but also from her emotional commitment to the therapeutic process. For more information on E. Kestemberg and to consult the sources of this information, please visit the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and search for his name in the search bar.

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You’ve now reached the end of this introspective journey! Many thanks for playing along and sharing a light-hearted moment with us.

Don’t forget, tomorrow a new adventure awaits you on our website with a brand-new test to spice up your curiosity.

In the meantime, why not invite your friends to discover their hidden traits by sharing this test? Remember, it’s all in fun, with no scientific pretensions. See you tomorrow for more discoveries!

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