Personality test: what you see first determines your true personality


Personality tests are attracting growing interest for their ability to reveal hidden aspects of our character.

The concept that our earliest visual perceptions can reveal our intrinsic nature is fascinating. These assessments claim to offer a window onto our true inner selves.

Personality test: what you see first determines your true personality
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The apple bitten on both sides

If the first thing you look at is the apple bitten on both sidesYou’re probably a person who doesn’t hesitate to tackle problems from all angles. You look for the essence of things, curious about what’s not immediately visible.

Your approach is one of deep analysis and a desire to understand beyond appearances.

You may have a strong inclination towards inner reflection and theintrospection. Others often see you as serious and determined.

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This can make you an excellent strategist, always ready to explore the different facets of a situation before making a decision.

Two faces

If this is the image of two faces that first captured your attention, you’re probably very relationship-oriented.

Your ability to perceive the dualities in life makes you adept at understanding and navigating the social world with ease. You have a keen sense of empathy and are often the one people turn to for advice or reassurance.

Social interactions are familiar territory for you, and you excel without apparent effort. You are seen as someone who sociablewith a natural ability to detect and respond to the emotional needs of others, making you a valuable friend or colleague.

Did you know?

Michel de M’Uzan (1921-2014) was a French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist. A pupil of Daniel Lagache, he was one of the co-founders of the Association psychanalytique de France (APF) in 1964.

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Renowned for his theoretical contributions to psychoanalysis, he explored fields as diverse as metapsychology, psychosomatics and artistic creation. A highlight of his work is his theory of paradoxical identity.

De M’Uzan developed this notion to describe a phenomenon in which the individual adopts behavior that seems at odds with his or her personality or habitual beliefs. This theory has enriched the understanding of defense mechanisms in psychoanalysis, and has had a considerable influence on clinical practice and theoretical reflection in the field.

And so, dear adventurers of the psyche, the mirror of your soul may have brightened a little today!

Thank you for playing along. Don’t forget, we’ll see you tomorrow on our website to explore new horizons of your personality.

Share this playful moment with your friends and keep in mind that these tests are for smiles and fun, with no scientific pretensions. See you soon!

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