Visual test: Find the anomaly in this image! Only the cleverest will win this challenge!


This test will test your eyes and brain like never before. It uses little traps that are virtually undetectable.

The action takes place in Venice, the city of canals. Be on the lookout for something that may not be quite right. This visual enigma invites you to explore every corner of this beautiful city to find the hidden anomaly.

Can you spot the mistake? The answer is out there, and there’s only one way to find out: by doing the test !

How does the challenge work?

The image shows a gondola gliding along one of Venice’s canals, surrounded by impressive buildings with countless windows. Your mission: find the error.

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This is a tough test, as there’s a lot of detail in the painting. To succeed, patience and attention are required. Explore every corner of this picturesque scene and be prepared to scrutinize every element.

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The test offers the opportunity for visual immersion in the beautiful Venetian canals, but it also requires careful observation to succeed.

So stay focused and curious, and find out what this adventure on the water has in store for you.

Practical tips

In this challenge, observation and analysis will be your allies. Looking isn’t enough. In fact, you’ll need to use your wits, as there’s a trap in the picture. It could be a boat, a canal, a house or a person.

Take your time to study every detail carefully. Sometimes what you’re looking for is right under your nose.

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The solution

To discover the solution to this riddle, simply click on the photo. The error was on the boat, more precisely on the sail. Normally, gondolas don’t have sails, but this picture shows the opposite.


If you’ve managed to spot this anomaly, you’re truly special. Your ability to notice these details is a real asset.

Keep honing your observation skills, as they can take you far in puzzle-solving and everyday life.

Feel free to share this challenge with others.It’s a great way to test their visual skills and enjoy a fun, interactive activity.

Further information

Visual challenges come in various versions: optical illusion test, IQ test, etc. to make your day better than it was yesterday.

These puzzles are real brain stimulants. Do them with your friends and family to improve your skills and have fun at the same time.

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