Test your observation skills in this fun challenge, finding the error in just 15 seconds!


Do you enjoy visual challenges ? That’s good news, because here’s a new test an observation test you’re sure to enjoy.

Evaluate and develop your ability to detect details at the same time with this puzzle visual fun.

Visual test: “Find the error in this image in 15 seconds”.

Tests of this type can be entertaining while testing observation skills. The one we’re proposing today tests your ability to detect inconsistencies or errors in a given context. Are you ready?

Look closely at the image below. The scene takes place in the middle of the desert, and it appears that the two wild camels are trying to absorb moisture from the air with their prominent nostrils to combat the heat.

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At first glance, you might think that everything in this image looks normal. But think again: there really is a mistake, and you’ve got 15 seconds to try and find out what it is.

IQ Test: The right answer

The 15 seconds are up, and have you found the answer to this visual riddle?

We’ll give you another 10 seconds to try and solve it with this clue: the solution has to do with camels!

It’s time to reveal the correct answer.

The solution

The mistake to spot in this image is the absence of shadows on the camels. It’s not logical that in the middle of the desert, when the sun is at its zenith, only the tipis should have shadows, and not the two camels.

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Did you have the same thought? Congratulations, because then you’ve given the right answer. Which makes you an excellent observer.

If you failed this visual puzzle, it means you don’t yet have a well-developed sense of detail.

But don’t worry, these visual and cognitive skills do improve. The most stimulating and fun way to do this is through visual tests of this kind.

These kinds of challenges aren’t just for fun. They also help you work on your visual acuity, powers of observation and problem-solving skills.

Don’t wait any longer to visit our website and find visual tests to train yourself!

Share this visual test with your friendsand/or your family members. Which of them do you think is the best observer to complete this challenge without difficulty?

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