Visual enigma: Find the gift Megan doesn’t like in 5 seconds


We present to you an observation test in which you have to find out which gift Megan hates.

It’s abouta visual challenge designed to improve your mental ability, increase your cognitive competence and strengthen your concentration. That’s why we’re giving you exactly 5 seconds to find the right answer.

Visual puzzle presentation: find the gift Megan doesn’t like in 5 seconds

The riddle presents you with a picture of a young girl named Megan celebrating her birthday. In the photo, you can see that she’s looking at her presents with an expression of anger mixed with sadness.

The reason she’s showing this dissatisfaction is linked to one of the gifts she received. Your mission will be to find the object Megan dislikes, and as quickly as possible.

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Regularly solving this kind of puzzle improves your problem-solving skills and gives your brain a workout.

This puzzle is designed to test your powers of observation and your ability to reason. To pass this test, you’ll need a stopwatch to keep you on schedule.

You’ll also need to look closely at the picture to find the gift Megan hates. Don’t hesitate to go to a quiet place, far from any source of distraction, to put all the chances on your side.

Visual puzzle solution: find Megan’s disliked gift in 5 seconds

Time’s up! Have you managed to find the gift Megan doesn’t like in under 5 seconds?

If so, congratulations, it shows that you’re an excellent observer and that you have an impressive sense of deduction. In fact, to be able to discover the present the young girl doesn’t like with a simple image reveals that you have an IQ that’s out of the ordinary.

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If you haven’t managed to find the solution in the allotted time, you can check the answer in the image below.

If you’ve paid attention to detail, you will have noticed that Megan’s ears are not pierced. So, the gift that’s not to the girl’s taste is the earrings.


Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find the right answer – it shows that you need to improve your observation skills even more.

To do this, you can visit our site to discover puzzles of this kind that are perfect for practising.

You can also share this visual challenge with friends and family to test their intellectual capacity. You’ll then have the opportunity to spend a convivial moment with your family, friends or colleagues while having fun.

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