Visual test: Identify all the cats! Only the most intelligent people will pass this test.


Visual challenges allow you to improve your mental capacities. They are necessary exercises for maintaining cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, observation and so on.

The visual riddle The following is an excellent way to test your skills. It will determine your level compared with other people.

How does the challenge work?

At this visual test, you’ll have to identify all the cats in the picture. The picture shows felines and canines of different species. They are arranged side by side, and some of them look alike.

This test requires a lot of concentration, as some of the images have the same structure, yet they are two different animals.

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Before you start, make yourself comfortable, keep distractions at bay, take a deep breath, then get started!

Some practical tips

This test puts your powers of observation to the test. It places several similar animals side by side to confuse your eyes. Therein lies the trap.

To solve this visual puzzle, you’ll need to take your time. Use a stylus if necessary to first eliminate any animals that don’t look like cats. Once you’ve done that, you’ll easily find the cats hidden within the image.

You can also try to spot cats at first sight. They usually have pointed ears, slit eyes and a more slender silhouette than dogs.

How many cats are there?

On this pictureyou will find 4 cats. They’re easy to spot.

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Cats are different from other animals in appearance. The colors used and the existence of several breeds and classes of animals make this test a little difficult. Few people are able to get it right the first time.


So don’t be discouraged if you fail. You simply need a little practice.

If, on the other hand, you have succeeded, then you have the eye of an eagle. Your vision is so sharp that it allows you to see cats even in the midst of a lot of distracting detail.

More puzzles

Don’t hesitate to try out visual tests. Whether alone, with family or friends, these challenges will take your senses to the next level. You can start with easier tests, or begin right away with more complex puzzles.

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