Visual test: Find the anomaly in this image in less than 5 seconds if you can!


Have you ever noticed that certain things are often out of sync with reality? Most people miss out on details that seem insignificant, but are nonetheless of vital importance.

This challenge is an excellent example of this concept. Would you like to test your limits? Let’s get started!

How does the challenge work?

The image to be observed features a festive atmosphere with characters dressed in 70s style. However, an unusual individual is among them.

His clothes and equipment make him look as if he’s come straight from the future. The aim of this test is to spot this person in just five seconds.


To succeed this challenge, you’ll need to use your powers of observation to the full. Scrupulously examine every detail of the image, analyze the clues and focus your attention on the possible intruder. Every fraction of a second counts. This very limited time will add a dose of excitement to the test.

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This visual test is both fun and immersive. It emphasizes the importance of observation and rapid reaction.

Challenge your friends to see which of you is the most perceptive. Performed in a group, this event promises to be a great time.

Practical tips

Pay particular attention to people’s clothing and accessories. Explore elements that might be anachronistic or not in keeping with 70s style. Look for objects that might be too modern for the era represented.

Take a close look at haircuts that might be more contemporary than retro.

Look closely at how different people interact in the image. The individual of the future could have a behavior or posture that sets her apart from the others.

By combining these tips with quick, methodical observation, you’ll increase your chances of finding the answer in under five seconds.

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The answer

Well done to those who managed to solve this riddle! The person from the future is indeed the man dressed in orange who engages in conversation with the woman dressed in purple.

If you look carefully, the individual in question has a cell phone in his pocket. In the 70s, there was no such thing.


For those who didn’t spot this anomaly, don’t be discouraged! This challenge was designed to test your observation skills and speed of reaction.

There’s no victory without effort, and every experience is an opportunity to improve. Keep honing your skills and you’ll be ready to take on new challenges with even greater success in the future.

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