Visual test: Find the teddy bear if you can in under 20 seconds!


Good eyesight is like having a superpower that opens the door to a world full of surprises.

Often absorbed by screens and books, you need to be aware of the importance of preserving your vision.

Healthy eyes can pick up every nuance of color, decipher the fine print in a captivating book, and even spot subtleties in everyday life.

To perfect your visual skills, it’s crucial to train your eyes and brain. You can improve the functioning of these organs by doing some observation tests.

These challengesare both instructive and fun, testing your intellectual skills and your ability to discern details.. The test will make you better! It may look easy, but do it first to see the result.

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How does the challenge work?

Here’s the exciting challenge that awaits you: observe the mysterious image of a snow-covered hut.

At the heart of this scene is a mischievous teddy bear, lurking in the details. Identify it among the trees. The cabin’s blurred contours only complicate the plot, while the trees provide perfect hiding places.


To add spice to this challenge, time your performance, you only have 20 seconds to find the bear. This will allow you to make a self-assessment of your abilities.

You can also challenge your friends and see who is the most perceptive. By the way, this visual puzzle isn’t as easy as it looks. So take the time to explore and observe the scene carefully.

Some useful tips

Use your camera’s zoom function to explore image details, especially tall grass and bushes.

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Look carefully at the contours of the cabin, as the bear cub may blend subtly into these shapes.

Observe the shades of color and compare the lighter and darker areas. The teddy bear may have a hue that slightly distinguishes it from its surroundings.

Explore all parts of the image, including the top and bottom corners.

Finally, take your time. Solving the puzzle requires patience and attention to detail.

The answer

This quest is one of the most difficult. It tests your patience, concentration and vision, as well as your insight.

Congratulations if you’ve spotted the little animal! You have all these abilities to an above-average degree. You are an exceptional person.

On the other hand, don’t be discouraged if you haven’t found the answer. You still need to practice. “Practice makes perfect”.

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Be persistent. You’ll get the hang of it! To find out the exact location of the teddy bear, look at the image below to reveal its position.

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