Visual test: Find the two errors in this picture!


Cultivating a keen sense of observation improves your ability to detect the slightest defect or anomaly, and helps you develop critical thinking skills.

When your brain is accustomed to perceiving subtle details, it reacts quickly to errors and various inconsistencies.

What’s more, sharpening your vision offers the opportunity to grasp the globality of a situation while identifying its nuances. Here then a visual test to assess your skills.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and prove that you’re a true observation specialist? Let the adventure begin!

How does the challenge work?

At this visual testyou have to look closely at a picture and spot the errors in it. In the picture, a woman is lying on a lawn, looking up at the blue sky. The ground is covered with green grass.

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Your role is to detect any small errors hidden in this picture. Maybe there’s something wrong with the sky or the grass.

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Take a good look! When you think you’ve found all the anomalies, you’re done. Don’t forget to time your performance.

This challenge is a fun way to test the acuity of your eyes and see how good an observer you are!

Some practical tips

Start by looking at the picture as a whole to get a general idea of what’s there.

Next, divide the picture into several sections and examine each part individually. This can help you spot details you might have missed by looking at the picture as a whole.

Think about what a similar scene would look like in real life. This can help you discover elements that seem out of place or incorrect.

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Scrutinize every nook and cranny of the painting, carefully observing colors, shapes, proportions and so on.

Don’t rush. Take the time you need to examine the picture carefully. Sometimes the most subtle details can be overlooked if you’re in a hurry.

Try to relax your mind and concentrate fully on the picture without getting distracted.

If you can’t find the mistakes after a while, take a short break and come back to it later with a fresh eye.

The answer

In the sky, there’s a sheep and a cow.

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These animals were difficult to spot, as they were very discreetly hidden among the clouds.

Their specific appearances and the fact that they blend in with the sky made their detection less obvious at first glance.

You really had to look hard to see them. So, even if the answer is simple, you need a good sense of observation to discover them.

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