Visual test: only the cleverest will find the mistake in this image!


Due to a lack of concentration, we often miss details. For example, you forget an important telephone number you’ve written down on a piece of paper, you send an email to the wrong address, you often lose your keys, etc.

To remedy these inconveniences, discover this visual test to stimulate your ability to spot anomalies quickly. It will help you improve your brain’s alertness, sharpen your senses and, above all, your concentration.

How does the challenge work?

Here is a challenge easy and accessible to all! Take a close look at this seemingly ordinary scene: students, a classroom, and a teacher clearing the blackboard.

However, there’s something unusual lurking in this seemingly innocuous image. Your job is to find this anomaly as quickly as possible.

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Transform this challenge into a thrilling time experiment by measuring your mental agility.

Let the ticking of the stopwatch punctuate your quest, and who knows, maybe your skill will be tested like never before, especially if you embark on this adventure with a cohort of inquisitive minds. On your marks, get set! We’re off!

The answer

In this image, this is the error to look for: the teacher uses the wrong hand to erase the board. Normally, the hand holding the sponge is the one in action, but here it’s the other way around. The hand holding the sponge remains motionless, while the other, empty, performs the task.


Did you find this answer? Excellent observation work! You’ve clearly identified the amusing detail in this image. Your ability to spot these subtleties shows a sharp perception.

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Keep sharpening your observational skills, because often it’s the small details that make ordinary moments extraordinary.

If you had trouble finding the answer, don’t worry. It was a well-hidden anomaly, and you had to have well-trained eyes to notice it. Practice relentlessly to improve your skills.

More puzzles

Developing a keen sense of observation means unlocking a world of exciting discoveries.

This ability gives your eyes the power to perceive the subtleties and riches hidden in every detail.

Why not turn this adventure into a fun and interesting experience?

By performing visual tests, you give your eyes a comprehensive and captivating workout. They sharpen your visual acuity, stimulate your curiosity and strengthen your cognitive skills.

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