Visual test: Will you be able to spot the ghost hidden among the people in less than 15 seconds?


In your busy day-to-day life, it’s important to take a step back sometimes to exercise your mind. Why not do it the fun way?

For many, challenges mental challenges are rare activities, but some stand out for their mastery of logic in meeting them. Perhaps you’re one of these agile minds.

We invite you to test your skills with this riddle both amusing and stimulating.

How does the challenge work?

At this challengeyou’ll have to look at a picture where a group of people of various ages, genders and clothing styles are gathered together.

However, among these people lurks a ghost. The aim is to spot him in less than 15 seconds.

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Pay attention to the details of the image to quickly detect this intruder. Look closely at each individual and identify anything that looks out of place or unusual.

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This challenge tests both your speed of perception and your ability to detect incongruous elements in a complex visual scene.

Are you ready? Let the ghost hunt begin!

A few practical tips

As you search for a ghost, look out for elements that seem out of place or strange, such as transparent or blurred shapes. Remember that ghosts’ outlines are usually less defined than those of real people.

To meet this challenge, start by reviewing the areas where the ghost is most likely to hide, such as behind other individuals or in dark corners of the image.

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Sometimes, the ghost’s face can be recognizable by its expression or gaze, even if it’s partially concealed.

Don’t dwell too long on every part of the image. Scan quickly and trust your first impressions.

Time is limited, but try to stay calm and focused. Rushing can cause you to miss important details.

The answer

Did you find the ghost? If not, here’s the answer. Actuallythe ghost is a woman. She is positioned near the wall next to the man in the blue shirt.

She’s wearing purple clothes and has brown hair. She’s easily identifiable, as she’s floating. Indeed, if you’ve found her, you’ll notice that she has no legs.

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Congratulations to all the scholars who have succeeded in solving this riddle! You are exceptional beings!

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If you missed this solution, practice quickly spotting intriguing elements in similar images to improve your speed and accuracy.

More puzzles

Ready for another go? Whether you’re young or old, beginner or expert, we’ve got a variety of challenges to suit all levels. Don’t miss this opportunity to have fun and measure your skills.

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