Personality test: are your friends sincere or unfaithful?


Personality tests are fascinating tools that hold up a mirror to ourselves and our relationships.

This one, in particular, aims to shed light on the nature of our friendships: are we surrounded by sincere friends or by profiteers?

Through what you saw first, we can explore the subtle dynamics that weave our social circle.

Personality test: are you surrounded by sincere or profiteering friends?

A woman

If your gaze first landed on the image of a woman, you could be someone who values emotional connection and the depth of human bonds.

The people around you are often hand-picked, as your intuitive nature guides you towards those who share your values of loyalty and sincerity.

You’re not afraid of solitude, preferring the company of a few loyal friends to a crowd of superficial acquaintances. That said, remain vigilant, as your benevolence can sometimes attract profiteers who seek to take advantage of your generosity and empathy.

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A flower

When the first thing you see is a flower, it may indicate that you are a person who is looking for beauty in human relationships.

You tend to see the best in others, which can sometimes make you vulnerable to disappointment. Your circle of friends is probably made up of people who share the same values.

nt your sense of aesthetics and your appreciation for the delicate, refined things in life. However, this inclination for harmony can also lead you to overlook the warning signs that some friends may be less sincere than they appear. So try to balance your optimism with a touch of caution.

Did you know?

Jean Gillibert (born August 29, 1925 in Paris, died January 15, 2018) was a French psychiatrist, poet and translator. A graduate of the Paris Faculty of Medicine, he practiced as a psychiatrist while pursuing a rich and varied literary career.

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In addition to his clinical work, he wrote several collections of poems and translated important works of ancient Greek, including the tragedies of Euripides.

A highlight of his literary career Jean Gillibert is his involvement in the translation of Greek tragedies. He is particularly well known for his translation of Euripides’ Hippolytus, which has been praised for its faithfulness to the original text while remaining accessible to modern audiences.

This work demonstrates Gillibert’s unique ability to combine his linguistic skills with his deep understanding of the human psyche, inherited from his practice in psychiatry.

Many thanks for navigating through these fun questions! I hope you’ve smiled to find out if your circle of friends is as sincere as you’d like, or if there are a few interested sheep.

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Share this test with your friends and let’s meet again tomorrow on our website for a new introspective adventure.

Remember, it’s all in good fun, so don’t take everything too seriously. Our little tests are there to entertain, not to deliver scientific verdicts. See you all tomorrow!

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