Personality test: Reveal the secrets of your character through your first visual impression!


Personality tests are fascinating for their ability to reveal the hidden layers of our being.

Based on visual interpretations, the test what you see first claims to reveal the secrets of our temperament. These psychological assessments are popular tools for better understanding our character traits.

Personality test: Reveal the secrets of your character through your first visual impression!
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Discover your inner chords: The guitar

If your gaze was first captivated by the silhouette of a guitarThis reveals a creative spirit and a sensitive soul, harmoniously attuned to the melodies of life.

You probably have an inclination for arts and self-expression, often looking for new ways to share your ideas and emotions.

People who initially perceive the guitar tend to be dreamers, lovers of freedom and adventure, and can also have a melancholy side. You thrive in environments where you can improvise and not be hindered by overly strict constraints.

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The Talking Hand: What does your first glimpse reveal?

A first observation of a main indicates that you’re someone who places great importance on human relations and communication.

Hands are synonymous with action and interaction, your personality is probably marked by a strong capacity for bonding, helping and showing solidarity.

You’re seen as a reliable, trustworthy person who can be relied on in times of need. Those who see a hand first are often practical and pragmatic, preferring to act rather than theorize.

Did you know?

Leonid Iossifovich Chertokbetter known by the russified form of his name Leonid Chertok, was a Soviet and Russian mechanical engineer and aerospace scientist who played a central role in his country’s space program.

His career began during the Second World War and lasted until the fall of the Soviet Union. One of the highlights of his career was his close collaboration with Sergei Korolev, the main architect of the Soviet space program.

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Leonid Chertok was a key player in the development of the first intercontinental ballistic missiles and, later, in the realization of manned space missions.

He contributed to the historic success of the launch of Sputnik 1, the Earth’s first artificial satellite, in 1957, as well as that of Yuri Gagarin, the first man to travel in space, in 1961.

These events not only signified major technological triumphs for the Soviet Union, but also triggered the famous space race between the United States and the Soviet Union.

And that’s it! Thank you for playing along and exploring your temperament with a touch of fantasy. Please bear in mind that all this is just for fun, with no scientific pretensions.

Share this little test with your friends and see what they discover! Let’s meet tomorrow on our website for a new introspective adventure. See you soon!

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